If Your Website Isn’t On The Front Page Of Google, It’s Nowhere

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Why Your Website Needs  Search Engine Placement

SEP is the new SEO

So many companies today spend thousands of dollars a month on Google Ads, but don’t realize how little of a return they are really getting. If your website isn’t where your customers actually click, you’re doomed. Most customers don’t even click on the ads in the first place.


Traditional search engine “optimization” techniques simply don’t work anymore. Things like purchased backlinks, keyword stuffing, anchor text, and content spinning are relics of the past. Sticking with these outdated strategies is costing your business money every day.


Google actually penalizes websites that don’t meet modern criteria or use outdated “optimization” methods. And you probably don’t even know why you’re getting penalized. You can’t hide from Google, but Google can hide your website from your customers! Are you willing to take that chance?


Your website must be relevant to Google’s algorithms, which change constantly. You can force Google (and the other search engines) to put your website on the front page, without paying them one dime! And the only thing better than being on the front page is being there multiple times.

Is Google Penalizing Your Website?

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