Search Engine Placement

We will put your website on the first page of Google…guaranteed!



Our unique, time-tested techniques ensure your website will be in the “organic” listings (not the ads) on the first page of Google and the other major search engines, which is where over 90% of your customers are clicking and where your competitors already are. And we stand behind our work with the only true 100% money-back guarantee in SEO.


What We Do:

• Learn about your business goals through a detailed questionnaire exploring all aspects of your business.

• Perform a technical search engine optimization of your home page according to Google’s latest standards and recommendations.

• Do extensive keyword research and analysis to determine the best keyword phrases to target for your specific company and location.

• Create and optimize additional pages on your website, each targeting specific keyword combinations and containing unique content that will push each page to the top of keyword-specific Google searches.

• Build, optimize, and host multiple two-page “microsites” that link back to your main site, enabling your company to appear on the first page of Google multiple times. (Level 10 and above)

• Monitor your website to ensure it stays compliant with Google’s latest search criteria.

• Provide one-on-one consultations at your request.


Our techniques are so effective that 90% of our customers renew, and 80% upgrade their service level. Don’t miss out on getting new customers any longer…get in touch with us today!