About Us

We build a relationship with each of our clients that is as unique as they are. We personally get to know you and your business, what separates you from your competition, and your short- and long-term goals.

Theran Davis

Theran founded Peak Search Performance after spending over 25 years in the broadcast television & satellite industry. His computer experience dates back to the early ’70s, when 8-inch floppy disks were “state of the art”. He’s been working with computer hardware, software, and networking ever since, and has owned over 30 Apple Mac computers!

Along the way he has developed a passion for customer service, and has seen (and managed) the great, the good, and the bad. He prides himself on building personal relationships with his customers, taking a partnership-style, hands-on approach. Above all else, he makes sure he truly understands the wants, needs, and expectations of his customers, and works to keep them happy every single day.

Technical & Support Team

Our tech team began their IT experience as the search portal for ESPNoutdoors.com back in 1998.  They built a search engine and directory for ESPN but that quickly transitioned to helping people with their AOL, Yahoo and MSN placement.  They helped 50 existing clients “fix” their websites so they were search engine friendly.  The term Search Engine Optimization hadn’t even been coined yet! Fast forward to today, our Google Certified team has helped to “fix” over 44,000 websites, enabling them to cancel their expensive Google Ads pay-per-click campaigns.